Get More Speaking Engagements
By Becoming The Star of Your Own Video

Exclusive Speaker Demo Video Production And
Personal Coaching Day with the Pros!

March 20 & 21, 2019

ASU SkySong
1475 N Scottsdale Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85257

Co-Hosted by Debbie Allen &
Experts & Authorities Video Production Company

If you want to get booked to speak more and make more money, a great Speaker Demo Video is a MUST!

Your Speaker Demo Video must continually be improved and updated to get booked to speak. It’s KEY to keep improving so your speaking fees and coaching prices increase too!

Think of your Speaker Demo Video like a movie trailer. Let’s say you take a 90-minute movie and tailor it down to 2-3 minutes of the best content that WOWs an audience. When you watch a great movie trailer, you have a good idea what the movie is about and whether or not it’s something you want to see. Right? Well, that’s exactly what your Speaker Demo Video does for a meeting planner!

A Speaker Demo Video is a few short minutes from the best content of your presentation. A potential client is NOT going to hire you if you don’t have one … and they are NOT going to hire you if you have a poor quality video, or a video of you simply speaking on camera.

What your prospects want to see is YOU speaking in front of a LIVE audience with great energy, high quality video, good lighting and great sound. This is when they can actually get a feel for your speaking ability, and this is when they can say YES to booking you for their next event!

A quality Speaker Demo Video is critical to get booked to speak … even when you waive your fee. Meeting planners are getting more and more selective due to the growing number of speakers. Therefore, having
a high quality Speaker Demo Video will move you to the TOP of their speaker selection every time … Guaranteed!

My first speaker demo video over 20 years ago wasn’t very good because I wasn’t a very good speaker yet. But I still invested in getting it right. I paid thousands of dollars to shoot a quality video. And it paid off! That first demo video still got me booked to speak and it got me 10 times the return on my investment within the first 6 months. And I’ve been updating my speaker demo video every year since then which has allowed me to be one of the top 3% of paid professional speakers in the world. Simply having a good updated demo video will move you miles past most speakers. It’s simply the most important marketing tool any speaker must have!
~ Debbie Allen, Professional Speaker for over 20 years

Here is what your investment in this day includes:

  • Pre-event webinar training by Lynn Hawks to prepare you in advance to make the most of your special day.
  • PowerPoint slide review by Debbie Allen before the live event to get your presentation ready to showcase the best.
  • On-site personal coaching in a small group setting.
  • You speak LIVE at the event with high quality two-camera video recording, sound and lighting set up.
  • Done For You! Completely edited and customized Speaker Demo Video tailored with your business branding delivered to you within 30 days of the live event
  • Bonus! Live Video coaching by Lynn Hawks to prepare you to be your very best on video during the event.
  • Bonus! Personalized 1:1 Speaker Coaching with Debbie during your presentation to hit your KEY points on camera.

Registration + Edited Speaker Demo Video +
Pre-Event Training + On-Site Training by the Pros!

— Complete Program Valued at $6,500—

Very Special Limited Opportunity


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